About Us

PRICE BOTTLING INC was formed in 2013 by two brothers. They named the business after their Grandma, Mable Price, as a tribute to their roots. With a love of good food and decades of experience in the food business, the brothers wanted to start something of their own. They got a love for, and gift of, cooking from their mother Katherine that carried them into a career of restaurant management and ownership.

Every time they cooked, friends, family and whoever ate their food always raved about the great taste and urged them to find a way to make it available to other people. They had some long-time friends join in and started a catering business that grew into a food truck and then later a restaurant. As that business grew and people found out about their barbecue sauce, they began to sell it wholesale to other restaurants. Then they moved onto another of their favorites – salsa. And Abuelita’s salsa was born.

PRICE BOTTLING INC is committed to diversity and inclusion. We believe that every person matters and we care more about excellence than the color of someone’s skin, how many wrinkles they have or who they love. People should be treated with kindness and respect, period. At PRICE BOTTLING INC, we do the right thing. We don’t think things have to be over complicated. If you treat people right and live by the Golden Rule, the other things take care of themselves.

We hope you enjoy our products. Know they are made with a love for good food and a desire to share that love with others.